MEM Workshops

When you choose to participate in the Magic of Energy Medicine (MEM) workshops, you are choosing to have more in your life. 

TeenagersScience and Religion know that when you ask you shall receive. The ancient Chinese, the aboriginals, the shamans, the American Indians, the ancient people of India knew and tapped into the Magic of Energy  and found something even greater then they had imagined.  Are you willing to find your Magic in just two short days? All you have to do is to be willing to tap into that same stream.

I have had the pleasure of meeting many ordinary people with extraordinary energies in all walks of life.  And this has brought about a workshop called The Magic of Energy Medicine.

I have found that over the years, people will go about their life doing really well and then something stops them from going further.  It doesn't necessarily mean they have had a hard life, some were very happy, had a great supportive partner, and family and a good bunch of friends.  Then something happens that slows or stops them from going further with their life, careers, family or relationships. Through the normal professional channels they have been told there's nothing wrong, its all in the mind.  Or they have been labelled as overly sensitive. If you hear that, it maybe an energetic problem.  Something that can't be seen like air, gravity or electricity yet its there.

What's an energetic problem?  Here's a simple answer.  Assume you are having a conversation with a person you've just met at a party or conference and your energy starts bottoming out. If you want to know you are being sapped, politely excuse yourself, and walk about six metres away from the person (outside of the persons energy field)  If you are feeling back to normal then there's your answer.   There's people who feed off your energy to compensate for a lack of their own- aren't intending to sap you yet still they do. You may ask what just happened?

What happens is your mind's energy source becomes depleted or goes haywire. Outside thoughts of anger, fear, doubt, rushing, blame,shame etc. is absorbed into your body and you become unknowingly overwhelmed with the energy that is not yours, you cannot sense the difference and therefore you start processing these thoughts as if they are yours.  Your day to day routine becomes very scattered and you loose time.  You begin to imagine that you are not in control of your life. That is an energy problem.

Would you like to know more than sign up for THE MAGIC OF BEING YOU workshop.