Director. Vincent Leo


Vincent Leo

ND. Dip Ce, Dip. Rem. Mass. Dip. Op Cert 4 Training and Assessment

Vincent's began his early career training as a watch repairer in Lae New Guinea. He left New Guinea for Australia and chose to take another direction. Not knowing what he wanted, he studied three modalities and at the end of the four years study received all three recognitions in the same year. Firstly, a trade in Diesel and heavy earth moving equipment. He then received his 2nd Degree Red belt(Black) in Kung Fu and was recognised as a Tai chi Instructor. Lastly, he graduated in Diploma of Massage and at the same time opened Kung-fu and Tai Chi schools.

Vincent left the kerosine baths and his trade, travelled for two years, teaching Kung Fu and Tai Chi at night, sleeping and training during the day.  Vincent loves to learn and travels locally, interstate and overseas, anywhere to learn.

Having personal health issues I studied under the  the College of Somatic Studies to be a naturopath.  My apprenticeship was with two amazing men Dr Ernie Zeydel, an eccentric , naturopath and author and who was one of the founders of magnetic therapy and the late Dr. Bob Lucy; a chiropractor, osteopath, nutritionist and founder of macromolecular system supplements and the  founder of The College of Somatic Studies.  I also trained with his wife Maureen, as a myorthotic (bowen therapy) therapist.  Maureen trained closely with Tom Bowen in his practice. I then became an Myorthotic instructor for The College of Somataic studies.

Vincent was one of the co-founders of the Complementary Medicine Movement.  In 1989 he started a programme for teenagers called Teen Esteem, teaching one to three day workshop and teaching the programmes to students at schools. He is the founder of  Australian College of Natural Health and the Institute of Chinese Martial Arts. He has been a registered training organistion for 20 years, now electing to work outside the system.

Vincent enjoys public speaking and has lectured student naturopaths, nursing and medical students, community groups and at international conferences in Asia  and Australia. Registered Training Organisaiton, Ergon Energy, Asthma Foundation, Queensland Health Board, 50s and Over Aged Care, to name a few.