Here's what satisfied patients have to say!

"I've always considered myself to be relatively healthy but after a period of feeling run down following a virus I decided to visit Vincent. After only 2 visits I felt heaps better. His assistance improved my energy and feeling of well being - I feel the thing that most impressed me was that he took his time and really listened to my health concerns and got to the root of the problem." Joan

"What Vincent recommended to improve my health was nothing extreme just subtle changes but the changes made an enormous difference." Dean

"Vincent has been a wonderful support to my family over the years he has always been my first choice for their health needs starting with colic as babies. Vincent is a very caring person and my children enjoy going to his clinic ." Julie

"I did detox program and I feel the best in years. Vincent is very knowledgeable and explains everything so its easy to understand. " Karen

"Many thanks for an exciting journey. Very informative with practical information that you can put into action immediately. I am looking forward to the weeks ahead and better health." Penny

"Thanks Vincent for the insight and learning’s from your work experiences, your humour was much appreciated too. It’s exciting to imagine genuinely “redesigning” my life in such a positive way and without cost to others. Thanks for the message. " Monto

I'm a 47 year old keen runner.  I have got through most of my life without cartilage in my right knee.  Last year my knee began to get very sore and stiff so I thought my running days might be drawing to an end.  I couldn't perform like I know I could!  Through word of mouth I was told of Vincent's massage therapy and how he has helped a few of my running mates.  With nothing to lose I decided to give him a go.
After sharing my history with Vincent he got down to work and put me on the table.
My visits have been quite regular for some months now and to cut a long story short, I no longer think of my running days coming to an end.  I feel revived, a lot more mobile and stronger down my right hand side.  Running with my old freedom is back.
The bit of pain I may experience on the massage table is nothing to the pain I experienced last year on every run and all day at work.  Vincent's humour puts the pain out of my mind anyway.
I strongly recommend giving Vincent ago if you have a similar situation to me.
A lot of the credit for getting me on the road is his.  I owe a lot to Vincent
Thanks so much.  Neville Tinetti

I first met Mr Leo 10 years ago as a neighbour, then a friend, then as a health practitioner who over a 5 year period helped me to regain self confidence, lose 100 kg ( yes 100kg) and re-join the human community.  He has always made himself available to those in need of therapy, counselling, and most important of all, as a teacher.  I plan to start a course in the near future.  Come along and join a class.  Alex Gartlan, Rockhampton

Vince Leo is a devastating martial artist and specialist practitioner in natural medicine.  He influenced my life in so many positive ways since I joined his Kung Fu and Tai Chi school back in 1979.  This influence over the years has led me to becoming a Chinese Medicine and Naturopathic practitioner, through to running my own Oriental Medicine Colleges and Herbal pharmaceutical medicine brands.  Vince is the founder of his own natural medicine colleges and has taught thousands of people martial arts, tai chi, natural medicine and self improvement skills.  Back in 1979 he was an incredible talent with many hundreds of students and patients.  He now has 30 more years experience to share with people.  Vince is a really fun guy with a unique presentation style and a wealth experience and practical tools to help people really improve the quality of their life. 
ROD BERGER, Sunshine Coast.

Vincent Leo has an extraordinary wealth of knowledge and information about the body, and many other areas of life.  He creates a dynamic connection with the body, allowing him to look beyond what a client is telling him and provide what is required for the body.  Recently, I contacted Vincent about chronic and ongoing skin cancer issues.  He very quickly provided me with correct information, which I used.  Now the problem has gone.  How does it get any easier than that?  From what I know, many other people have had similar success having been treated by Vincent.  I am sure this level of excellence is translated into the courses Vincent offers.  If I was seeking training in massage or other body- therapies, I would look no further than the Australian College of Natural Health.

Stephen Outram, Sunshine Coast,  www.stephenoutram.com