Massage and Posture
The important thing to realise about postural problems is that over the years they can lessen your quality of life and, if ignored, are likely to worsen as you age.
If you have difficulties maintaining the right posture, either because of a physical limitation or because you had become so accustomed to slouching for most of your life, you can still correct it by undergoing massage therapy.

Good posture is about the whole body.  IF you have flat feet and knock knees, this will affect the pelvic position which in turn affects the low back position and then the mid back and so on ..... So, to correct your posture may involve changing a number of different components.

Body awareness is where is all starts.  Without it, we blindly go through our work not realising how our movements, responses, sensations and feelings affect our health.

You can improve your posture and spinal health by making a few lifestyle adjustments.

1. Listen to your body
Make minor adjustments while standing and sitting. Which position feels the easiest and most graceful?
2. Breathe
How many of you breathe deeply and evenly?
Here's an easy breathing exercise to help your body relax:  Breathe in for four (4) seconds, hold your breath for eight (8) seconds and breathe out for four(4) seconds. 
3. Tuning in to your body.
Get into the habit of regularly tuning in to your body.  
Benefits of Improved Posture

♦ Joints enjoy greater freedom
♦ Increases energy levels
♦ Boost blood Circulation
Enables you to breathe more easily.
♦ Muscles are loosened and relaxed
♦ Pressure points are relieved

Testimony from a horse rider
I have suffered from chronic neck and back pain since a horse riding accident over ten years ago, which caused compression fractures at several levels of my cervical and thoracic vertebrae.  In the years following the accident I have had intensive physiotherapy which helped me to regain and maintain a degree of flexibility, however the range of motion of my neck and upper body was limited.  Regular exercise also helped but it was always a struggle to find a balance between doing enough and overdoing things.  I was able to ride again but was restricted by my previous injuries and at times quite uncomfortable.  I had accepted that this was the extent of my recovery and learned to manage pain levels, using anti-inflammatory medication.

I first met Vincent Leo when he started horse riding lessons at Granlea Riding Centre.  As I got to know Vince and learned about his work I began asking questions, wondering if he thought maybe he could help me.  After some coaxing from a friend I booked my initial session and went along with no expectation other than perhaps it would help me relax and give some temporary pain relief.  I was definitely not expecting the improvement I got from just that first session!  While Vince worked I could feel the pressure on the nerves in my spine releasing, as my back began to relax for the first time in a very long time.  At the end of the session I struggled to articulate to Vince how I felt.  It was as though my body was remembering how to relax and not just hurt!

I have so far had four sessions over a ten week period and I could never have imagined the differences I am now feeling.  I feel physically stronger and am standing straighter, my range of movement has greatly improved.  I have less pain and am learning to trust my body again when I ride my horse.  Vince has helped me to better understand how the body works as a whole and that everything is connected, rather than to just focus on the problem area.  Family members and friends have also noticed the physical changes.  Most importantly for me, I am once again enjoying doing something I love.  My only regret is that I didn't meet Vince sooner.

Chris Ivers.