Part One

The Australian College of Natural Health believes that in order to be perfectly healthy (as against clinically healthy) the body must have efficient.

1.  Digestion

2.   Absorption

3.  Circulation and

4.  Excretion

And the systems of organs controlling these functions must be healthy.

It believes that good health is our normal state and that there is a specific pattern to the descent from perfect health to a collection of symptoms which for convenience of classification are given the name of a "disease".

The first step is for the tissues of the various organs to become depleted of their essential nutrients.

As soon as this occurs, biochemical changes begin to take place within the organs and then of course, functional changes appear.

Soon as the system dependant on those organs begins to malfunction and as no system functions independently, other systems begin to follow suit until eventually all nine systems may be involved.

At some stage in this process anatomical changes take place and a "disease" process is evident.

Part two

To counter this process of destruction, the Magic of Energy Medicine workshop was formulated. It is being continually up dated with the latest and the oldest information on living in the now as to being clinically sick.  It does not treat disease it treats the whole body so that the body has the opportunity of healing itself from the symptoms of degeneration known as " DIS-EASE".