At the moment you are no longer an observing, reflecting being: you have ceased to be aware of yourself; you exist only in that quiet, steady thrill that is so unlike any excitement that you have ever known. May Sinclair...


What would it be like to live in the present with you're presence?  For example: If you get angry with someone you have a choice to change. An emotion can only exist or be out of control if you allow the emotion to be of greater importance than you.  At the very moment you make the emotion more real than you; you no longer live in the present only in the past.   A tennis player or any sports person has to have the ability to change direction, timing, etc.  The only difference between a cricket ball coming at you at a hundred an twenty kilometres and you being angry is that you know that if you don't choose to change in that second you will get hurt.  In a verbal confrontation, if you don't choose to change in increments of twenty seconds, the body continues to produce hormones to maintain the stance and the invisible pain continues after the argument, which in my view is far worse than being hit by a cricket ball.  What if you were able to choose to be greater than the emotion?

If you have kids you know their attention span is very short.  They change their minds, they forget in less than ten to twenty seconds what you just asked them to do. And so on. When you have the awareness of that then you can respond easily, your cave man/woman doesn't need to press the panic button for all the release of hormones which only age you. We don't want that!
As a parent there is no manual, so stop making yourself wrong, instead ask what is right about this situation that I am refusing to see, what am I not paying attention to, what needs to be changed. My kids are not perfect, so I need to get real with all the going on.

To live in the moment here's some rules:

1.  Do not come to conclusion.
2.  Choose and choose again, in other words don't get stuck on the one choice, the one ring, the one soul mate etc.
3.  Do not be consistent, puts unnecessary pressure on one self.
4.  Be in the moment.
5.  Be more today than yesterday.
6.  Ask for assistance.  Its okay to ask, its okay to say I don't know, its okay to be not okay.
7.  Choosing for you.
8.  Live life based on you're choice, not someone else's.


What would it be like:
1. to have a relationship where it is by choice and not by decision? 
2. to be with your children in short increments like twenty seconds and have a great time and choose another twenty seconds, rather than hours?
3.  to choose friends to be with and choose not to be with?

When you choose for you, you can choose in increments of twenty seconds.

Try it and let me know how you go.