In order to appreciate life to the fullest, you want to have healthy joints that are comfortable and flexible. 

Healthy, flexible joints all contribute to your enjoyment of the simpler things in life such as running, walking, getting in and out of chairs ad cars, horse riding, playing golf, chasing the grandchildren and your partner (and catching them).

Below are six strategies to keep your joints healthy and flexible:

  1. Exercise

    Exercising is beneficial to all facets of your life such as boosting your mood and improving your sex life. 
    Its benefits will come to you regardless of your age, gender or physical ability.  If typical vigorous exercises are difficult for you, try simpler activities such as walking, tai chi and yoga.  These exercises may have low impact but still offer many health benefits.
  2. Optimum Weight

    Reaching your optimum weight to improve your bio-mechanic function.
    Weight loss and reaching your ideal weight is very beneficial to your joints as it reduces the weight load on your joints, which in turn will make exercise easier, and exercise becomes easier for you as your weight drops, the intensity of exercise you can do can increase
  3. High Quality Diet

    Eat a healthy and higher quality diet by reducing your sugar intake
    The damaging aspects of high sugar intake are well documented.  Sugary foods will not support healthy joints or a healthy body.  It is important to remove or reduce your sugar intake by cutting down in foods and drinks such as soft drinks, cakes, biscuits, ice cream, tea and coffee. 
  4. Vitamin D

    Do you have sufficient Vitamin D?
    Vitamin D supports a healthy immune response.  You need vitamin D to support your joints and your whole body.  Taking minerals is of no benefit if you don’t have sufficient Vitamin D.  You can buy Vitamin D3 in capsule form.  Out in the sun for short periods of time.
  5. Omega-3

    Eat plenty of omega-3 fatty acid foods that are found in krill or high quality oil, such as flax seeds, walnuts, sardines, or salmon.  If you are feeling a little depressed, fatigued, have an inability to concentrate or have dry and itchy skin or joint pain, try eating some of the above foods.
  6. The Magic of Energy Medicine

    The Magic of Energy Medicine can help with emotional factors that contribute to sub-optimal health. Find out more!

If you are already using the above and your joints are still playing up, consider a specific joint supplement.