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The Magic of Energy Medicine (MEM) is about the magic that is within the body, we call it energy and the medicine is what we choose to feed it.  By feeding it with the right ingredients it can overcome any ailment or mindset that can hinder the perfect creation (the body).

The 3 keys to MEM are Healthy Body,  Creative Mind and Expansive Spirit

1. Rectify the Physical Body

Do  you suffer with wind, feel bloated, bruising easily, hormonal problems or never having enough energy;?  Do you suffer with colds and flu regularly,  always tired, lethargic? Do you suffer with joint and muscle problems, restlessness or feel a sense of impatience?  Do you feel like you should get more out of your body and yet something is missing? Do you have regular headaches or migraines?  You can change all that by participating in our foundation workshop.  Remember the body is willing to receive and gift to you, it knows what's best for you.  The question is, are you willing to let go of control and judgment of your body in order to have better communication with it?

2. Restoring the Creative Mind

The mind is an amazing thing, however when you are feeling low, depressed or just unable to get your act together, this then effects the energy of the body.  By following simple techniques you can clear yourself, have clarity quite quickly and then get on with living with the MEM techniques. The magic has nothing to do with what you have or what you do.  It has everything to do with whom you choose to be.

3. Expansive Spirit

Do you ever feel one hundred percent comfortable in your skin?  Do you ever feel something is just not right and you can’t work out what it is?  Do you ever look over your life and wonder if this is all there is or is there more out there? 
When you look at all your achievements, successes, medals, endeavors, triumphs and winnings, what do you see?  Whether they are recognition, jobs, material wealth, or relationships we often know that something is missing.  No matter what you do you just can’t seem to put your finger on it.  So what happened?


You can use the techniques you have learned in the The Magic of Energy Medicine workshop to create or manifest anything you choose, in a harmonious and peaceful way into desires such as:

  • Careers
  • Business ventures
  • Sports
  • Social life
  • Children at school or universities
  • Speaking and presenting of all levels
  • If you suffer with anger, doubt, fear, always like to control
  • Acting and performing
  • ...and much more